dimanche 5 juin 2011

Andy Kehoe

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Souvenir of the lovely stranger, 2006
Finding hope here in the clearing, 2007
Noble voices lie hidden and mute, 2007

Humanity bleeds, 2007
Carrier of secrets and mysteries, 2008
Cost of modern living, 2008

Lord of treasury holds true power, 2008
Spirit guide, 2008

Days to remember, 2008

Revival in the eyes of the unseen, 2008
Optimism rises for the dusky weald, 2008

The flood brings curious encounters, 2008

Truth is found in the whispering of dead, 2008
There's always hope, 2008
Passing Away Into Unseen Worlds, 2008

The upside down world of the optimistic, 2008
Conquering giants, 2008
March of the exiled, 2009

Humanity returns, 2009

Loneliness of the lost at the sea, 2009

Keeper of the beacons, 2009

Ideas flourish, 2009

Hope in the future, 2009

Grief and glory, 2009

Good William and the eye of the dead, 2009

Desolation afflicts the greedy-hearted, 2009

Dark spirits watch over the wicked, 2009

Amongst the fantastic, 2009

A fresh soul in the murderous wake, 2009

Welcoming the young and innocent, 2009

Touch is a memory, 2009

The wandering of the wicked, 2009

The seer, 2009

The unseen gather in secret, 2009

Shared solitude, 2009

Solace in the unknown, 2009

Songs of the dead, 2009

Spirit mother, 2009

Passing forests brings unlikely companions, 2009

Beacon for wayward souls, 2009
Walking with wisdom
Budding youth, 2010

Creatures of wonder, 2010

Onward again my friend, 2010
Ambassadors of the otherwordly, 2010

Passing through the forest deep, 2010

Delite of a decomposer, 2010

Looming beauty, 2010
A fading farewell, 2011

A greeting of the unspoken, 2011

A moment of respite, 2011

Ancient denizen of peaks forgotten, 2011
Anxiety in the face of grandness, 2011
Mysterious attraction to the unseen, 2011

Draft drifter, 2011

Ethereal wanderlust, 2011

Exodus of youth, 2011

Forever my fellow, 2011

Great heights of the young dreamers, 2011

Dark and Light Radiate the Night, 2011
Lord of ghouls, 2011

Meeting of forest dragons, 2011

On the banks of broken worlds, 2011

Roamer of reverie, 2011

Under the gaze of the glorious, 2011
Together at the threshold, 2012

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