vendredi 23 novembre 2012

David Kroll

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Five vases

Two blue vases, 2010

Koi and blue and white plate

Blue vase, 2011

Egret, bowl and apples

Eight eggs, 2011

Red vase, 2010

Goldfish and white flowers, 2010

Koi and bowl, 2010

Koi and vase, 2011

Koi and landscape vase, 2011

Mexocan vase and nest, 2009

Poppy, 2010

Red vase and flowers, 2010

Two vases, nests and apples, 2011

Vase and two nests, 2011

Vase with warbler and leaves, 2009

Bees, 2011

Egret on a small globe, 2009

Pheasant vase

Tree vase, 2010

Butterfly and roses

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